About Us


Since its inception, EMS Surplus Canada Inc has been committed to providing quality care and an unrelenting focus on surpassing customer exceptions. Our company has grown in a short period to become your trusted source for patient ready used medical equipment. All our products are bio medically tested and in very good condition. We also deal with new products such as all your training needs from Nasco Healthcare Educational Products. We are now recognized as one of the most dynamic and reliable resources for used medical equipment from defibrillators, AED, EMS stretchers and transport items to our new disposable linen patient wraps. We look forward to helping you find products that meet your annual budget.

We distribute into a good deal of different health care markets and is thus able to access many types of products that might not be available from a distributor focused on one market. All of our products are checked regularly to make sure they have the needed government licensing.

The cornerstone for success at EMS Surplus Canada has always been our unique customer service and our quality products that we deliver. Whether your needs range from a basic device to the most elaborate and complex, we can do it all - put us to the test!

With over 30 years in Paramedical and Nursing professions we are confident we can steer you in the right direction when it comes to medical equipment.